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“Upon arrival, the user immediately connects with the tropical nuances of the brand welcomed by large forest murals”

project details

Grendene Global Headquarters is located in the heart of Wynwood in Miami. The project concept brings a fun environment merging tropical South America culture, fashion, and design. Color scheme includes orange, referencing the brand’s main color, combined with light wood, and grey tones. Besides the branding, the local industrial environment should be incorporated.

Upon arrival, the user immediately connects with the tropical nuances of the brand welcomed by large forest murals. The main entrance was designed to be a showcase with the most recent footwear collections. Either from the main entrance or in the meeting room, the display area pops and visually embrace the user in a U shape layout divided by a glass partition. Next to the main entrance, a built-in wood cabinet provides continuation to the display area and act as a transition to the main office.

To compensate the roughness of the concrete floor and brick wall, and to evoke a calming and
relaxing environment, natural elements were used as the moss wall and the hanging planters.
In addition, acoustic clouds were placed on key locations to demark each space and improve
the acoustics of the main working area. This combination along with fabric screens and
wallpaper, not only improved the sound quality, but also the environment with warm and
natural elements. As reference of Wynwood outdoor murals and painted by a local artist, a half
wall design was inspired by the iconic mesh of the first and most classic Melissa shoe model,
called “Aranha”.

No major renovation or demolition was requested in this 3,000 sq.ft. office. The space should be transformed with cosmetic changes through furniture, millwork, lighting, and wall treatment in a short lead time. It had to accommodate at least 30 people in an open office arrangement with 4 private rooms, kitchen, and a display area for all shoe collections. Additional storage was also requested.

The display area is visually integrated with the main meeting room, branded as Melissa.
It has a shelving system throughout the walls with under storage and monitors. Next to the main entrance a built-in wood cabinet with concealed storage and wall paneling was designed
to incorporate another display area for sub brands.

The open office is divided into 3 sections: a collaborative table, non-assigned desks for rotating employees from outside Miami and assigned desks for the full-time office staff. Close to the windows, there are 2 lounge areas with casual seating and 2 phone booths for private calls. Next to the main office area there are 3 huddle rooms for private meetings. Branded in 3 sub brands, Ipanema, Rider and Zaxy, each one has its own branded wall mural and color scheme.