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“Upon arrival, the user immediately connects with the tropical nuances of the brand welcomed by large forest murals”

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Grendene Global Headquarters is located in the heart of Wynwood in Miami. The Interior Design concept brings a fun environment merging tropical South America culture, fashion, and design. Color scheme includes orange, referencing the brand’s main color, combined with light wood, and grey tones. Besides the branding, the local industrial environment should be incorporated.

Step into the lively Grendene Global Headquarters, situated in the heart of Wynwood, Miami. This exceptional office space encapsulates the spirit of tropical South American culture, fashion, and design. From the vibrant color scheme to the incorporation of local industrial elements, Grendene Global Headquarters offers a captivating environment for creativity and collaboration. Experience the fusion of branding, fashion-forward displays, and innovative design concepts as you explore this dynamic workspace. With cosmetic changes and thoughtful enhancements, the 3,000 sq.ft. office was transformed into a functional and visually stunning space that accommodates the needs of the Grendene team. Join us on a journey through this remarkable office space, where culture and design intertwine.

Grendene Global Headquarters celebrates its tropical roots through a captivating design concept that merges cultural elements with branding. As soon as you enter the space, you’re greeted by expansive forest murals that immerse you in the brand’s tropical essence. The main entrance serves as a showcase, featuring the latest footwear collections that embody the spirit of Grendene. Whether in the main entrance or the meeting room, a visually striking display area captivates visitors with a U-shaped layout, separated by a glass partition. To enhance the branding experience, a built-in wood cabinet acts as a transition point while providing additional display space for sub-brands. The color scheme, with its prominent orange hue referencing the brand’s identity, is harmoniously combined with light wood and grey tones, creating an inviting and cohesive atmosphere throughout the office.

Grendene Global Headquarters pays attention to the details that contribute to a calming and relaxing work environment. Natural elements, such as moss walls and hanging planters, bring a touch of nature indoors, counterbalancing the roughness of the concrete floor and brick walls. In addition to aesthetics, acoustic clouds are strategically placed to demarcate the different areas and improve sound quality in the main working space. This combination of natural and acoustic elements creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for employees.

The office layout was carefully designed to optimize functionality and accommodate the needs of the team. Despite the constraints of the existing space, no major renovations or demolitions were required. Instead, cosmetic changes were implemented to transform the office into a stylish and efficient workspace. Through the strategic placement of furniture, lighting fixtures, and wall treatments, the office was given a fresh and contemporary look.

The open office area is divided into three sections to cater to different work styles. A collaborative table serves as a central hub for teamwork and brainstorming sessions, while non-assigned desks provide flexibility for rotating employees. For the full-time office staff, assigned desks offer a dedicated space for focused work. Two lounge areas with comfortable seating and two phone booths were created near the windows to provide relaxation spots and private spaces for phone calls.

In addition to the main office area, three huddle rooms were incorporated for private meetings. Each huddle room represents one of the sub-brands, Ipanema, Rider, and Zaxy, with its own unique wall mural and color scheme. These rooms serve as creative havens where team members can gather to discuss ideas and collaborate in a focused setting.

Throughout the office, the brand’s identity is reinforced, not only through the choice of colors and materials but also through the integration of iconic Melissa shoe models. The half-wall design, inspired by the mesh pattern of the first and most classic Melissa shoe model, called “Aranha,” adds a touch of nostalgia and brand recognition.

To accommodate the storage needs of the office, additional storage solutions were incorporated discreetly, ensuring a clutter-free and organized workspace. These storage areas blend seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic, maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

Grendene Global Headquarters in Wynwood, Miami, is a testament to the fusion of culture, fashion, and design. It showcases the brand’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inspiring workspace that reflects its tropical roots and embraces the local industrial surroundings. With its captivating aesthetics, functional layout, and attention to detail, this office space provides a harmonious and inviting environment for the Grendene team to thrive and excel. Experience the synergy of culture and design as you step into Grendene Global Headquarters, where creativity knows no bounds.