interior design

INTERIOR DESIGN includes a wide range of services and involves many disciplines with the purpose of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Along with the creation of an extraordinary and beautiful design for your project, our goal is to establish a perfect process throughout. We care for each client individual needs, preferences, desires and budget.

Combining our background in the fields of architecture, design, construction and real estate investment, we provide our clients with a comprehensive consulting service, using the latest technologies to create exquisite interiors for Residential, Commercial, Institutional or Hospitality Projects. Hence, from Design Concept to construction administration, our Interior Design and management service ranges all project phases.

After a detailed briefing our team will make the best selections for your project based on performance, durability, maintenance, life-safety, cultural particularities and aesthetics. An Interior Design project usually includes Plans (Layout, Furniture, Lighting, Demolition and Construction, Finishing), Elevations, Sections, Detailing, and Specifications for Furniture, Equipment, Materials & Finishes. Every decision we make considers municipal, local and federal building codes and regulations.


project management

PROJECT MANAGEMNT is one of the most critical components of a project, that being Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction. It’s where can lie the difference between your dream’s project and your worst construction nightmare. In this phase of the project, the design professional will set up the project schedule considering critical milestones and corelated tasks; communicate with and oversee all consultants, vendors and professionals involved in the project; procure and purchase all necessary items; schedule and receive deliveries; communicate with building and community associations; do regular site visits to the jobsite; do preparations for project closeout and client move-in; among other tasks.

The Project Manager will apply years of cumulative knowledge in different areas to guarantee that the project is executed accordingly to specifications and to anticipate any potential issues that could delay the construction or exceed the client budget.


design consulting

Thinking in customers with a limited scope of work or limited budget, our design consulting service offers guidance and necessary information for clients to perform their own projects. We also provide different levels of design consulting, based on each specific needs, making sure that it will fit on your budget. This service can include, but not limited to: