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“color scheme, shapes and forms plays in accordance with each coral reef inspiration.”

project details

Located in the Bahamas, this hotel concept was idealized as an elusive abstraction of the coral reefs.

The main reception has a sculptured desk surrounded by an artistic installation inspired by the ocean reefs made of Murano Glass with vivid shades of blue and orange. Next to the reception, in the main lobby, a long teardrop chandelier adds movement to the composition as if it were submersed in the ocean waves. A water feature on the wall next to elevator hallway and stairs was also designed to complement the composition.

Every common area in the hotel is named and inspired after a coral reef species. Color scheme, shapes and forms plays in accordance with each inspiration. The hotel has one Lounge & Bar, a main Restaurant, a Rooftop Bar, Gym and Spa.

The typical hotel rooms are also and extension of the design intent, with ocean colors and fluid shapes on furniture, partitions and ceiling.