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RISE 3212

RISE 3212

“A contemporary and minimalist residence rises above the vibrant Brickell neighborhood”

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Welcome to the epitome of contemporary and minimalist design in Miami’s vibrant Brickell neighborhood. This exceptional three-bedroom apartment, situated in the renowned Brickell City Centre complex, combines sleek aesthetics, neutral color palettes, and soft textures to create a harmonious living space. From the expansive living room with its breathtaking views to the sleek and serene bedrooms, every aspect of this residence embraces modern design principles. Join us as we delve into the captivating features and details that make this residence a true masterpiece.

Step into the living room area of this contemporary residence, and you’ll be immediately captivated by the stunning surrounding views. The asymmetrical layout is thoughtfully designed to optimize the visual experience. A modular sofa and chaise provide comfortable seating, while a mirror wall adorned with a side arm sconce amplifies the sense of space and elegance. A floating TV adds a modern touch, while a set of glass tables and ottomans bring flexibility and a sense of airiness to the room. Every element works in harmony to ensure that the views take center stage, creating an inviting and breathtaking ambiance.


The sleek and asymmetrical design continues in the bedrooms, creating a visually striking and serene atmosphere. Pendants, artwork, and nightstands are carefully composed to add an artistic touch and accentuate the contemporary aesthetic. The color scheme remains neutral and timeless, with light gray and sandy tones that create a soothing and sophisticated environment. Each bedroom is thoughtfully crafted to provide a restful retreat while embracing the overall minimalist approach of the residence. The result is a cohesive and calming space that promotes relaxation and tranquility.


In this contemporary and minimalist residence, timeless elegance and serenity reign supreme. The neutral color palette, with its light gray and sandy tones, creates a sense of tranquility and sophistication throughout the space. The use of clean lines and sleek design elements adds a touch of modernity and simplicity. The careful selection of textures and materials adds depth and warmth to the environment, ensuring that it remains inviting and comfortable. This residence is a testament to the power of contemporary design to create a harmonious and enduring atmosphere that stands the test of time.